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Find Success in the ACA Market

Meet the Surging Demand for Under-65 Individual Health Plans

O'Neill Marketing

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There’s no better time to sell under-65 individual health plans, as a confluence of events drives millions of Americans into the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. Help address the immediate coverage crisis and position yourself for long-term success in the ACA market with the best support in the insurance industry. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) and O’Neill Marketing have partnered to provide independent insurance agents access to O’Neill Marketing’s robust ACA product and technology platform.

What You’ll Get

As a leader in the ACA market, O’Neill Marketing offers plans from more than 100 health carriers. The company’s heavy investment in technology has resulted in proprietary agent portal and quoting and enrollment tools to help you do business at scale. You also gain access to agent empowerment and marketing resources and back-office support for all your ACA business.

Family Utilizing the ACA Marketplace

Why Now?

The April 1, 2023, end of Medicaid continuous enrollment — an estimated 15 million people could lose Medicaid coverage as states resume the redetermination process after the pandemic

Record-high ACA enrollment — more than 16.3 million people chose an ACA Marketplace health plan during the most recent open enrollment period, marking the largest enrollment since the ACA started providing subsidized health insurance in 2014

Extension of government subsidies — Congress in 2022 extended the subsidies that helped boost those enrollment numbers, for three years, through 2025

The 2023 fix of the family glitch gives access to Marketplace subsidies that might make coverage more affordable to consumers with high-premium employer plans 

The 2019 creation of the individual coverage health reimbursement account (ICHRA) gives employees a broader range of options than an employer’s group plan offerings

Access the industry’s best ACA market platform to grow your business.