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The New Holistic Retirement eBook

Learn Tax-Saving Strategies

eBook Shows Your Unique Value to Prospects and Clients

"The New Holistic Retirement: Emerging Risks for American Savers ... and How to Overcome Them With Long Game Thinking" is a direct-to-consumer marketing eBook that educates prospects and clients on how retirement plans are not optimized for long-term success in all the areas they should be — namely, in the area of taxes. While it's designed as part of the CirrusView system for you to give to prospects and clients, this eBook is equally as educational for an advisor, like you, who may be new to tax-efficient retirement planning. It covers:

  • How market performance, interest rates, and even the growth pattern of funds can make the difference between a fully funded retirement and a shortfall
  • Why taxes may be the biggest, least-understood retirement income risk — and how to evaluate exposure
  • How to determine the amount of risk a client is willing to take when it comes to retirement income — and how to align their approach with their comfort level

Get this free eBook to see how the CirrusView system, offered exclusively through Senior Market Sales® (SMS), can help you gain more wallet share, engage a higher net-worth prospect and grow your target premium.