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Take Medicare Prospects From Lead to Enrollment in One Place With Lead Advantage Pro®

Save Time and Make More Money While Differentiating Yourself From the Competition

Lead Advantage Pro is the next evolution in enrollment tools. It increases your sales potential so you can make more money and differentiate your practice. You can’t afford to lose an enrollment opportunity because you’re not set up to cater to various meeting preferences. Today’s clients are more tech-savvy than ever. Not all of them prefer to meet in person. So, you need a technology tool that enables you to complete enrollments via phone, text or online, as well as in person.

Some features and benefits found within Lead Advantage Pro:

  • Scope of Appointment options expand beyond paper and now offer remote, face-to-face and voice signature availability
  • Five enrollment options — paper, Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®), voice signature, face-to-face and electronic carrier application
  • Stay compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations by utilizing disclosures displayed on emails for Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollments
  • Easily record and archive calls per CMS regulations
  • Clients can now update their own providers, prescriptions, pharmacies and preferred hospitals, by using the Client Self-Service Portal
  • The Multi-Client Rx report can search multiple clients to address prescription drug concerns, including price increases or dropped coverage on plans
  • MA and PDP quoting provides detailed filtering options and improved visibility for plan benefits with icon indicators
  • Client Self-Service Portal PDP policy review feature triggers automated reminders if no action taken by client
  • Enhance quote results by toggling Med Supp plans, filtering by carriers, and enrollment type for targeted results

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